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  • The Choccaholic Club

    Join our exclusive club and indulge yourself with a monthly sample from our selection of Hand Made Belgian Chocolates..

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  • Has Chocolate been around long?

    Chocolate has been around for thousands of years and was given and accepted as a gift. It wasn't presented in the form that we are currently used to and love, but it was still enjoyed as much as it is today...!

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  • The Good, The Bad & the Every Day...

    How can one tell if Chocolate is good or just every day quality? The are plenty of factors which affect the quality of chocolate... Can YOU tell the difference?

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  • Chocolate is one of your 5 a Day!

    Chocolate is made from Cocoa seeds, which are grown in Cocoa pods, which are grown on Cocoa trees! Yes, it's therefore one of your 5 a day!

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