Xmas Competition Time! Who doesn't like FREE CHOCOLATE?!

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How does free chocolate sound? We will be selecting FIVE orders at random, made from 1st November until 15th December and we will be sending those lucky five gift vouchers to the value of their order (up to £100)!!!

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Has Chocolate been around long?

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Chocolate has been around for thousands of years and was given and accepted as a gift. It wasn't presented in the form that we are currently used to and love, but it was still enjoyed as much as it is today...!Read More

Bellina - The Original Belgian Chocolate Shop of Cambridge

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Bellina Chocolate House was opened in 1984, the very first Belgian chocolate shop in Cambridge.
Situated on Bridge Street, just along from the famous Round Church.
We have over 150 varieties of chocolates, including fresh creams, caramels, fruit centres, as well as handmade truffles and pralines.

Bellina Chocolate House of Cambridge

Welcome to the Chocolate Blog

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Chocolate is a wonderful thing, so wonderful that we've decided to write little bits about it! Though I have been a "choccaholic" for most of my life, I only really got to know about chocolate when I got involved with Bellina Chocolate House. There are so many things about chocolate that make it fascinating and coming from a research background, I like to know as much as possible about what I work with and as with most things in life, you can never know too much!!Read More