Have you been given a box of the Bellina Selection? Find out what chocolates you have here...

Dark Chocolate Selection    


Dark Chocolate Truffle


Fans of plain chocolate cannot resist this pure bliss—A soft, light mousse filling coated with dark chocolate, sprinkled with plain chocolate flakes...


Cocoa Dusted Truffle


Smooth, creamy truffle dusted with cocoa... delicious


Violet Fondant Creme


Quintessentially English and devised by the Victorians. A soft fondant cream mixed with violet water and dipped in dark chocolate topped with crystallised violet petals.


Rose Fondant Creme


The partner of violet creams, soft rose water fondant dipped in dark chocolate and decorated with a crystallised rose petal.


Coffee Fondant Creme


Dark chocolate coating a coffee cream centre topped with a mocha bean...


Chilli Truffle


Cocoa dusted dark chocolate chilli truffles with a hint of mouth warming chilli to tingle the taste buds… Hot!!


Dark Rum Truffle


Dark chocolate shell filled with a rich rum flavoured truffle centre, coated in dark chocolate and rolled in dark chocolate flakes.



 Dark Cointreau Truffle


 All dark truffle mixed with the orange liqueur Cointreau and finally dipped into more dark chocolate.



 Dark Caramel


 Hard caramel coated with dark chocolate… Plain, simple and delicious



 Brandy Alexander


 The classic cocktail in dark chocolate



 Dark Salted Caramel


 Dark chocolate with a runny caramel and topped with sea salt..



 Dark Chocolate Marzipan


 Marzipan covered in dark chocolate


Dark Chocolate Ginger


Root Ginger dipped in Dark Chocolate



 Dark Chocolate Orange Slice


 A slice of candied Orange half dipped in the best quality Dark Chocolate



 Dark Chocolate Orangettes


 Candied orange peels covered with the best quality Dark Chocolate



 Coralie Dark Ganache


 Soft dark ganache - 70% cocoa



 Noir d'Noir Dark Ganache


 Soft dark ganache - 85% cocoa





 Praliné with caramelised nuts with dark chocolate



 Dark Chocolate Cerisette


 Plain chocolate cherry, real cherry soaked in cherry liqueur - complete with stalk & stone then dipped in chocolate & vermicelli strands. To eat - put it all in at once & find the stone.



 Dark Cerise


 A whole cherry enrobed in kirsche ganache and dark chocolate



 Coffee Arabica Truffle


 Coffee flavoured truffle within Dark Chocolate decorated with sugar crystals



 Chocolate Cream Truffle


 Crème Fraîche and Dark Ganache. Deliciously smooth and Chocolatey




Milk Chocolate Selection    


 Milk Chocolate Truffle



 Made of an irresistible mousse filling with a crisp coating of generous flakes—entirely made of milk chocolate. A heavenly soft chocolate experience…



 Milk Chocolate Champagne Truffle 


 This simply divine chocolate has been delicately rolled in chocolate flakes and has the most beautiful velvet milk chocolate and champagne mousse centre...



 Amaretto Truffle


 An intense milk tuffle, topped with almond flakes with a dash of amaretto...



 Baileys Cream Truffle


 Smooth Irish Cream centred truffles enrobed in milk chocolate



 Milk chocolate coating with a salty caramel centre...



 Milk Chocolate Mousse


 Delicious chocolate mousse covered with milk chocolate.



 Lemon Créme Fraiche


 Fresh lemon cream covered with milk chocolate



 Milk Marzipan


 Marzipan covered in milk chocolate



 Cognac Truffle


 Milk on white chocolate cognac truffle



 Whiskey Truffle


 Milk ganache with a dash of Whiskey




A nut with a half shell of milk and half shell of white Praliné filled with caramelised nuts





Soft chocolate caramel with a hint of banana


Honey Delight


Milk ganache mixed with honey





Caramelised pistachio on a bed of milk and white praline






 White Chocolate Selection






White Chocolate Truffle


The sweet temptation of this white truffle is subtle, yet simultaneously strong. A delicious mousse filling, surrounded by white chocolate and liberally sprinkled with white chocolate flakes...


White Chocolate Champagne Truffle


Champagne flavoured truffle covered in smooth white chocolate...


Strawberry Champagne Truffle


Creamy strawberry and champagne centre enrobed in white chocolate and delicately dusted in natural strawberry flavoured icing sugar...



 Buck's Fizz Truffle


 Creamy strawberry and champagne centre enrobed in white chocolate and delicately dusted in natural strawberry flavoured icing sugar...





 This Chocolate is made by Pralibel who use only 100% cocoa butter, natural flavourings and colours, delicious white chocolate filled with liquid cream flavoured with Passion Fruit...


Tiramisu Truffle


Milk Ganache flavoured with Tiramisu centred truffles enrobed in white chocolate


Eperni Champagne Marzipan


Marzipan coated with White Chocolate and flavoured with Champagne


Fraise Strawberry Cream


Crème Fraîche with real strawberry


Bouchée Praliné


A mouthful of Praliné with caramelised nuts